Wednesday, January 28, 2015


My favorite place is my room. I have used this room, since I was a junior high school student. This room’s direction is north, so there is very cold in winter. Also, there has moisture, so there is hot in summer. My room is not large, but I am able to calm down, because I like small places. This is the best place that I can relax.
On the bed, I always sleep alone. I do other thing in there. For example, read a book, use my cell phone, and sometimes use a computer. Sometimes, I read a novel, and a fashion magazine. When I read it concentrate, I have finished read them soon. I am able to read them. I feel relax. When I use my cell phone, I send a message for my friends. I use LINE, and talk about a lot of things. Also, I often talk with friends by cell phone. When I noticed, time is gone. If I alone in the room, I don’t care about other person, so I can talk for a long time. I always play the game, and Twitter by cell phone before I sleep.
On the desk, I always make up. Of cause, I use it for study. However, I became a university student, I always go to the library in KGU to study. There is able to use a computer and desk, so I like study in the library better than my room.

Recently, my desk becomes a dresser. My room has not a sofa, so I always sit down on the desk chair. I have used this desk, when I was an elementary school student. I use it fourteen years!! I never think that I change my desk. This desk has a lot of memories for fourteen years.

This desk is able to put away a lot of things in it, so this desk is too heavy. When I want to move this desk, I can’t move it alone. If I want to redecorate a room, it is very hard for me.

I have a lot of clothes, so I can’t receipt them recently. I have to buy a new clothed or I have to throw away some clothes. I want to clear my room soon.

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Since I was born, I got my Japanese skill. I can speak Japanese, because my parents taught me since I was a baby. I can speak Japanese, but I can’t write Japanese words well. When I was an elementary school student, I learned Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and so on. Japanese has three words, so it is difficult to remember them.  I think that Kanji is the most difficult, because there are many words, and they have a lot of similar words. I learned how to write, how to read, and how to use. They use the other way. For example, Kotowaza and Yojijyukugo. Also, they have many kinds, so it is hard to remember them.

When I was a junior high school student, I learned English for the first time. At first, I knew its alphabet, some words, and sentences. For example, "Hello", "Thank you", "See you", "Apple", "Strawberry", "banana", "love", and so on. They are very easy sentences and words. I had no known about English, so it was hard for me. In particular, grammar is the most difficult for me. I did not know that English word order. I could not distinguish which is
a verb, and which is an adjunct. However, I studied English, I can understand construction of English. Gradually, I can read English sentences. Also, I learned its present form, the past form, future tense. It is very useful when I speak. I had liked English, when I was a junior high school student. As same as high school, I learned English words, sentences, and so on.

When I was a first year student in KGU, I took German. I studied two languages were English and German. German's grammar is different with English and Japanese. Some substance , for example, newspaper, it has personal pronoun. German's all substance has each personal pronoun, so it is very hard to remember them. However, it is similar with English, how to read.

Some kind of words changed how to read, but all that changed. To study German was difficult, but I could enjoy them, because I could know that I did not know.
Now, I learned English everyday. However, I can’t speak, and I
cannot read English sentences very first. I want to improve them before I graduated to KGU.
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December 26 is my best friend’s birthday. We celebrated with my friends last month. I have been known her when I was elementary school student. We joined in same volley ball team when we were elementary school, and junior high school student. We spent many times each other, so I get along with her. High school was different, but we often met, and play each other. She always listens to me, and talks to me a lot of things. It is very fun for me to chat with her. She is my vaunted friend. We went to buy a bag which color was red as a present before her birthday. Also, we bought flowers which color was orange, yellow, and white. I thought that these colors were match with her. We went to restaurant which name was Buen. There has a lot of menu. For example, pizza, pasta, meet, and deserts. We could choose seven menus ourselves, and we could eat deserts as much as possible. There was no limit the time, so we could chat for a long time. Dishes were very delicious. I recommend this restaurant. This restaurant is just delicious. If you want to hold a birthday party, you should tell to the restaurant. This restaurant has a birthday plan. When cake is brought the table, there was birthday music all through the restaurant. Other people celebrate together. It is very enjoyable, and can make an affection. When this situation, my friend was crying. The party was a success. I want my friends to have a very happy year. I want to play with her many times.
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I went to EXILE TRIBE's live in December. This live's name is EXILE TRIBE PERFECT TOUR TOWER OF WISH 2014 ~THE REVOLUTION~. This name is too long.
 I have gone to live a lot of times, but EXILE TRIBE tour was very rare. The reason is why, there are three groups belongs in EXILE TRIBE. For example, EXILE, Third J Soul Brothers, and GENERATIONS. I like these three groups very much, so I was looking forward to go this tour for a long time. This live held in Fukuoka dome for two days. I watched it two days.
 First day, I went to the live with my mother and my sister. I often go EXILE's events with my famiy. Before we went to Fukuoka dome, we went to Tenjin. we ate an omelet containing fried rice at Fukuoka PARCO. This restaurant's name is OMS. I like this restaurant very much, so I often eat a lonch here.
After we had eaten, we have left for Fukuoka dome. Fukuoka dome is near by the sea, so there were very cold. There were open the door soon, when we arrived at Fukuoka dome. The day's seat was arena. Arena seat is better than standing seat, because thee is near the stage. The live was very funtastic! EXILE TRIBE is very good at singing and dancing, so they were very cool. I want to go their live soon.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BR 2-18: Ulysses (Webb, 2003)

"Oh Ulysses, it really is you,"(P.63)
This story is about Ulysses. Ulysses sets out to rescue a Greek princess and finds himself in a ten-year war. On his way home, he acrossed a one-eyed giant, a witch, and a many-headed whirlpool monster. Its looks so scary.
(40 words)

Wbb, Vvian. (2003). Ulusses. England: USBORNE

BR 2-17: HERCULES (Zeff, 2003)

"I'll soon  soon get rid of him" (P,4)
This story is about a man whose name is Hercules. He was a first superhero in the world. He helped people, and a nine headed monster was just the start of Hercules’ problem. Now, there are a lot of superhero, but I don’t know Hercules is the first superhero.
(49 words)

Zeff, Claudia. (2003). HERCULRES. England: USBORNE.

BR 2-16: Dragons (Kelly, 2003)

"You are strong"(P.13)
This story is about dragon. The dragon’s name was Stan. He must outwit a dragon to feed his hungry children. I thought that if I live with dragon, it is very scared. However, this dragon was very kind to people. I want to meet him.
(45 words)

Kelly, Alison. (2003). Dragons. England: USBORNE.